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Volume 8: Toby Reviews The Super Mario Movie Branded Soap From Weekly Famitsu Magazine issue #1806

Do you remember how you felt when you first hit a question mark block in Super Mario Brothers? That pleasant ear-pleasing sound resonated and a golden coin popped out. Then the counter in the top right would increase. Most players probably thought "There must be something that happens if I get more coins" or even "Ah, I see if I get a lot of coins my body will smell like coins!" Oh sorry, nobody probably thought that one. But if by chance there is someone who wondered what the coins would smell like I have good news. As you may know a Super Mario Brothers movie was released recently and renowned cosmetics brand LUSH collaborated with the movie and released some bath products with scents inspired by the Super Mario characters and items. Some people may say that they don't buy bath products or that they don't even take baths but that's where I come in! I decided to spend some of my allowance money that I got from papa Famitsu to answer everyone's long-held question. So without further delay, let's find out... What does the world of Super Mario smell like?

Please note, this article is not an advertisement. Nobody asked me to do this. In fact you actually can't buy any of the products mentioned in this article anymore.

—Mario Shower Gel—

Thoughts before using

It has Mario on it so I'm expecting that it has the scent of mushrooms or maybe Italian flavors like tomatoes. It might be a little strange until you get used to it but I'm sure the tomato's acid will wash away the smell of sewage after a long day of plumbing.

Thoughts after using it

The gel that came out of the bottle was red, opaque, and almost honey-like. So this is Mario's essence... Surprisingly, it actually smells like regular cola. Well this is Mario from the movie and he's very American-like in the film so perhaps it's the perfect scent to match his bright red image. It had a lovely fragrance that I imagine is what children think "A cologne for adult men" smells like.

—Luigi Shower Gel—

Thoughts before using

Luigi is a slender and handsome man so he must have a cool scent. Mushrooms are probably used and maybe a bit of an Italian flavor...

Thoughts after using it

The color was an opaque deep green, giving it an almost slime-like appearance. It smelled like apples. I personally have a nostalgic connection to apple scented bath products so I'm a fan. However it lacked that sour scent often found in other green apple-scented shampoos. Perhaps it represents Luigi's admiration for his older brother. Even though it's a green apple, deep down, it wants to be a red apple, you know?

—Bowser Shower Jelly—

Thoughts before using

The scary villain of Mario's world, King Bowser! He's always angry but deep inside there's a warm, sweet, and slightly spicy affection. That's why the scent of this one is... Well I'm sorry... I actually already opened it. It's cinnamon scented right?

Thoughts after using it

The scent is similar to American cinnamon candies and Christmas sweets. When I tried to smell it up close tears started flowing so be careful. I've heard that cinnamon oil can be used to repel spiders and insects, so if you're a billionaire, I think it would be effective to get 100 of these shower jellies and place them in every corner of every room in your mansion.

—Princess Peach Body Spray—

Thoughts before using

Up until now I've been writing my predictions but it's Princess Peach right? So it's got to be peach scented right?! Also just a side note but Princess Peach and body spray really don't connect well in my mind... Well, Peach in the movie has a bit of a tomboyish side to her so maybe it'd be in character for her to use this instead of taking baths? (probably not.)

Thoughts after using it

It's not peach scented. It smells like fresh fruits but definitely not peaches. I thought it was strange so I looked at the package closely and it said "A tropical scent reminiscent of pineapple juice". Peach is on the package with crossed arms with a serious expression as to say "Of course I smell like peaches. But you're not ready for that yet. First you need to smell like other fruits to show me that you can handle the training!" Well, Peach in the movie really is quite a bit different...

—Golden Coin Soap—

Thoughts before using

Thanks for waiting! It's now time for everyone's number one favorite character, the coin. It might be strange to admit but I've never actually thought about what the coins in Mario smell like. But I always thought the red coins in Yoshi's Island would have a rubbery, almost vinyl-like texture to them... Maybe because they had a sort of soft sound when you collect them so I envisioned a squishy texture. Anyways I don't think metallic objects really have any strong defining scent so maybe it smells like flowers.

Thoughts after using it

It smelled like butter. To be more precise... it has a subtle citrusy aroma, like butterscotch! Additionally, when you touch it with wet hands, golden sparkles stick to your hand. It gets me a little worried that when mario picks up a coin while sweating in a lava stage he'll get the sparkles all over his clothes. Oh, but the coins in the game don't dissolve in water or else all the water levels would turn yellow. Anyways, it's an incredibly delicious scent! If I were Mario, I would be sure to sniff it everytime I collected a coin! That Mario guy, running through all the stages with pockets full of delightfully scented coins...

Now that I'm wearing all the scents at once I've become the first person ever to smell like the Super Mario Brothers Movie. Yes this is exactly the experience you get when entering a LUSH store! Thus ends my report! If another Mario movie is ever made I hope they do this collaboration again. Everyone is looking forward to "Yoshi's Bubble Bath"! (Nintendo you can ignore Toby's comments...)

—Question for the readers—

Has there ever been something that scared you in a game before, even though it wasn't a horror game? For example I was terrified of the Chain Chomps in level 1-2 of Yoshi's Island. The sound they made when they appeared freaked me out... I had to ask my older brother to beat that level for me.

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