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Volume 1: Tobymeki Memorial. From Weekly Famitsu Magazine 9/29/2022

I'm really glad I learned Japanese. Because of that, I've been able to play many interesting games that never came out overseas. One of these games is the mid 90s dating sim for the original Playstation that completely revolutionized the genre, Tokimeki Memorial~Forever with you.

While living out their highschool life the player aims to raise their stats studying and sports and to go on dates with girls and have them fall in love with them. If the girl's feelings towards the player is high enough by the ending they will confess their love under a legendary tree and the two of them will go on to live happily ever after...

That being said, what should you do to succeed in dating? Well if you talk to the girls even for a bit you'll understand that they each fit into their own "type". So you need to suppress your ego and do whatever she wants to. For example there's an anemic girl who likes the library, a mad scientist girl who likes... world domination. Well anyways, if you observe the girls and do what makes them happy the date will be a success.

Let's say there's a girl who wears a huge hot dog costume right? She gives you a call about picking where to go for a date:


>Hot Dog Shop

As soon as the two of us got to the hot dog shop she said something like this. "Ah... I feel so relaxed whenever I see hot dogs. I want to become just like a hot dog. Like a hot spring with hot dog water." and then several options of how to respond will appear.

>A shriveled up hot dog looks like cat poop right? (Wrong answer)

>Some of the light emitted by a hot dog comes from a star 1,000,000,000 light years away. (This answer is both good and bad. Good for mad scientist girls.)

>I like hot dogs (Best answer)

If you respond with "I like hot dogs" her face will turn all red and she'll say "R-really?" It's proof that you like her. This is how you get a girl to fall in love with you. She will then enter a "crush mode" after that every day she'll ask to walk home with you. She doesn't care about your schedule or anything. Even if you don't want her to walk home with you she does it anyway. Then she says "I'm not blushing... I just have some ketchup on my face" The two of them just walk along the path home from school talking about all sorts of things.

"Why are there different numbers of hot dog buns and hamburger buns at the supermarket?" During which they arrived at the local park.

"What a wonderful park!" She says before going quiet. She continues with a suddenly cloudy expression.

"But I... Hate birds."

Two days later there's a strange rumor floating around school. Apparently you visited a hamburger restaurant and she felt betrayed and looked angry. Now next to her name there's a bomb icon...

If you leave it as is for a few days it will explode and the other girls will be covered in the muddy mustard (gross!). To fix her mood you have to give her a birthday present. Please choose carefully...

>Yogurt Mushroom

>Yogurt Fungus

>Hot Dog Necklace

The necklace is really the only choice here.

"No way... I've wanted this for so long! Something like this for me! It even has pickles! I'm so glad!" She says overjoyed. She tries to bite down on the necklace and says

"Woah! This thing is tough! I'll have to microwave it."

Somehow the third semester came and went and you received the letter and headed to the legendary tree and... She's there! Wrapped up in her costume, it's a hot dog girl.

"Thanks to you, I learned that there's food other than hot dogs in this world" Then the birds swarm in "Stop!" she cried. The birds pecked without mercy. The costume is torn to shreds. You hear her scream and the music stops and the camera slowly moves down... All that remains are her shoes on the ground, she's nowhere to be seen...

After a while another girl appears and the ending continues as usual.

What a story. Konami, I wonder if you'll include it in the next game!

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